Friday, September 4, 2009

WINNER!!! Of the Vaughn Cochran tarpon print

We would like to congratulate Curtis Stowe (that guy in the river) for winning our July/August Subscription Contest. He wins the coveted Vaughn Cochran tarpon print. Curtis told us the following about himself - "I grew up fishing in in upstate South Carolina and developed a love for fishing at a early age. My earliest memories of fishing are with my dad for bluegills on the lake near our house. Growing up I fished for bass, catfish, and perch with my dad, granddad and good friends in our local lakes and rivers and gradually progressed to trout fishing. Then I started to get interested in fly fishing and began picking it up. After college I moved to California and began to explore the Sierras and all the trout fishing opportunities there. Most recently, I've moved to Nebraska and am now exploring Colorado and the Midwest for fishing opportunities. I'm also scheduled to go fishing in Slovenia in a month or so...." Curtis, send us a photo from Slovenia. We have hundreds of subscribers from there.

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