Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catch Magazine Cover Issue #7

Click here to view Catch Magazine Issue #7


Eric said...

WOW! Huge cast! It makes me want to visit some place like Cuba or Puerto Rico.

I particularly like this photograph because one can actually see the leader. I wonder what lies beyond the other side of the boat wreck???


Aleksandar Vrtaric said...

It keeps getting better and better! The new issue is a real kicker!

Daniel's essay is incredible, the video material is breathtaking and each published photo is worth of admiring.

I hope the next issue will be even more thrilling!

Pedro Cordero said...

Another great ISSUE.
Congratulations Catch Magazine!!

tgevans said...

I have received two or three Catch mags on the internet! I find this last issue #7 to be some of the best photography on fly fishing that I have ever seen!

sbonner said...

I can't get enough of this great online magazine. Fantastic, still waiting patiently for the T-shirt and fish sticker. Hurry up you guys.

Anonymous said...

Terrific e-mag, look forward to each issue .... interesting choice for the #7 cover though. Are all of you too young to remember a particular Scott heliply ad from the 80's ?