Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Perfect Day Photos

In Issue 14, we show an angler casting a nice loop in the Scientific Angler ad. I have received quite a few comments about the "perfect day" where there is great weather, scenery, rising fish and no people. Finding that scenario takes a little luck and usually going to places a bit farther off the road and mid-week. It made me think of my favorite places where these factors come together, so I dug up a few more photos to continue this theme. Brian O.

Wilderness floats in Alaska, when the weather is good. Kevin Jurgens with a big bow, no raincoat, no bugs...for now!

Catch Magazine's Todd Moen in Argentina where we saw only 2 anglers in a week.

And over in Chile, there are many rivers and under fished lakes where it all comes together.

Summer hopper fishing on lesser known streams in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming have great potential. If you fish with a guide in these states, ask him or her about a sneaky little secret spot and see what happens.

Places like the Middle Fork of the Salmon, in the Idaho wilderness, have limited access which makes for open waters and happy trout.

My brother John casts on a river in NE Oregon where we used horses to pack into this area. No anglers, great weather equals a fun family reunion.

If you have it, money can get you into remote areas! Helicopters are an amazing fishing tool. They are used here in British Columbia, Canada, in NZ, Spain, Chile, Russia and other places. Watch your rod tip!

Those perfect days make up for these. It's nice to know that with a little extra effort, be it with a mountain bike, raft, backpack, etc, you can find water that is uncrowded, scenic and with healthy fish and hatches.

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