Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Tips to maximize your Catch Magazine experience:

Let the magazine load for a little while, maybe grab a cup of coffee, then start turning the pages.

On almost every photo, including the contents page, essay and last page photos, there is a small white ‘i’ symbol. That stands for information, as in our caption and photo credit information. Run your cursor over the symbol and the caption will appear.

If there are words displayed in another color, they are hot links to that persons/companies/organizations website. Just click on them.

To start the T-Motion Video Theater, click on the blinking movie camera.

All our advertisers have hot links to their website and individual products. Please take a look at their latest products and services.

Our fantastic contributors often sell their photography. Please click on their links and look for a great Christmas present. It’s okay if you buy it for yourself!!

The Back Issues page has all our previous issues. Just click on any cover shot and that will take automatically to that issue. Page 3.

Our cover shots are available for $5. Just read the $5 Cover Shot ad on page 6. The cover shot image is sent to your inbox. Slide it onto a jump/thumb drive and take it to a photo shop. Make a blow up and frame it. Some people have collected every cover! Ready made frames with matt cost as little as $35.

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