Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catch Magazine Issue #2 T-Motion Theater

T-Motion Theater is an idea that has been in the making for years. A hand full of the first 5 or 6 issues of Catch Magazine will include videos from my closet vault. The vault of videos stems from years of shooting all over the world, more as a passion than a way to make money. After years of friends and colleagues giving me a hard time for not sharing my work, T-Motion is now that outlet.

Included in Catch Magazine's issue #2 is a new piece"Remote & Remarkable", one more to add to the vault. January will be another video from the vault shot eight years ago. Should be another great piece.

Todd Moen
Catch Magazine
PO BOX 1168
Bend , OR


Unknown_boy said...

Really nice video :] Thanks for share.

Murdock said...

Very nice video. Good to see you guys blogging.

BG said...

Fantastic! Those fish had some serious hang-time.

Looking forward to future clips.