Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Issue #20 is Live!!!!

Cover Photograph by Broderick Stearns


Anonymous said...

Another Todd Moen gem. "Clealry B.C. part one Fall Bullies" was such a pleasure to watch! Fishing for trout in B.C. on intimate clear water. It is just a very beautiful work of art. Having women fishing in the film is encouraging to see as well. We need to see more women getting into the sport and addicted to it. Very inspiring work in every way of the filming, editing, and overall choices in its making!

Anonymous said...

I will be more than happy to pay a small fee for this amazing production! I can only imagine the hours of work involved in producing something that gives me so much enjoyment over and over again! Catch Magazine is not only a pleasure to view in front of my computer but also an inspiration to get out into nature with my family and friends!