Saturday, January 29, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Float Tube Tarpon - 'Tapam'

Everyone is talking about 'Tapam', the float tube tarpon video in the current issue of Catch Magazine. No, we are not going to tell you where Daniel Goz and Jan Bach Kristensen filmed it, but we did ask them some questions on their unique experiences.

CM - What was your tackle of choice for this adventure?
We were super happy that Scott Fly Rods and Mako Reels supported the film project. No rod broke and the reels never failed to impress. We abused our tackle. The rods were Scott S4S, 12 weights and the reels were the 9550 SW.

CM - What lines and leader were you using?
We used the RIO Leviathon because of its strong core material. For leaders we used straight 130 pound fluorocarbon.

CM - I noticed that you were tagging fish. What was that all about?
The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust provided us with tags. The idea was to find out as much as possible about their migrations and growth rate. The small spaghetti tags hold all the necessary contact information.

CM - Your float tube stategy is entertaining and effective. How did that come about?
I (Daniel Goz) had the idea in 2007, when I fished a very remote part of Central America. The lack of guides and fuel led up to this. The idea was to be able to move around in rivers, creeks and bays. With some practice, you can hook, fight and land big tarpon in a tube. We did not put ourselves at risks. We talked to the locals about crocs and sharks. In ten years we have never seen a croc or shark.

CM - I am curious about the title 'Tapam'.
Tapam is a local word for tarpon, used on the entire Caribbean Central American coast, from Panama to Honduras.

I bet these guys have a lot more info and exciting stories, and for more great entertainment, please go to Besides showing us their fantastic adventure in Catch, I would like to add that Daniel and Jan are about the nicest people you will ever meet. Total and complete professionals, but modest, polite, happy and super fun to be with. I met Daniel at the Denver Fly Tackle Dealer Show and Jan in New Orleans where he was fishing for redfish.

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nedun said...

Where are the snook? The colorful float tube makes for dramatic photos so long as there are no sharks in the area. NED