Friday, December 3, 2010

Locals produce fly-fishing magazine. BEND BULLETIN

Locals produce fly-fishing magazine

Central Oregonians are growing the popular website Catch Magazine

By Mark Morical / The Bulletin

Todd Moen films a fly-fishing video in Argentina.

The plane lost its brakes on the small dirt runway in the Bahamas, swerved to the left and crashed into a cluster of mangrove bushes.

Nobody was killed or even seriously injured. But Todd Moen was done with traveling to remote locales as a videographer for a company that produces fishing and outdoors television shows.

“Twenty minutes later, a guy on a mo-ped shows up to help,” Moen recalls, laughing. “I'm so lucky I lived, and nobody got hurt. ... It was unbelievable. After that, I was over traveling, because I was on the road all the time for two years.”

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