Sunday, September 26, 2010


Todd spent the first week and half of September chasing steelhead in Northern British Columbia with Canadian, Hannah Belford.

For Todd, it was a glimpse into a life most people dream of;
living within a short walk to stellar waters, seeing mountains in every direction , and sharing habitat with North America's kings of the food chain- the grizzly bears and wolves who frequently visit camp.

The simplicity of living in the backcountry among all these things, away from the rat race AND the Catch Magazine office - not to mention chasing FATTY CANADIAN STEELHEAD made him wanna live there! But it wouldn't be all playtime, cause it's a daunting reality of daily tasks required to survive there: milling trees, building everything from scratch, solar power, gardening and the weekly planeload of supplies.

Todd caught up on the good old tunes of Canadian folk legend Gordon Lightfoot, made great lifetime friends, and came home with a new outlook on life. Simplify, simplify, simplify!
Do that and catch fish, too..... gotta love it.

T-Motion theater will be highlighting this B.C. backcountry adventure in Issue #14.
Stay tuned!

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