Saturday, April 24, 2010


Featured in Brian's Slide Show May 1. Where in the heck is Guadeloupe? Many maps don't even go to the trouble to put another dot in the Caribbean, but soon fly anglers will be buzzing about this great shallow water destination. With sensational guide Alexis Ducros (and the only fly guide in Guadeloupe) and long bomb caster Rick Hartman, we hooked all the Super Slam species. Tarpon a plenty and a couple over 100 pounds, a permit estimated to be 20 pounds and shots to two dozen, snook around 10 pounds and bonefish landed to 7 pounds but 10 pounders were spotted. Add extra scrumptious French food to pretty beaches and you are close to understanding the attraction of Guadeloupe. On the way, Brian went to Haiti and walked around a little and his luggage stayed there for 5 days!! Good thing Rick is a mobile tackle shop.

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Gordon said...

I fished with Alexis in March of this year just prior to Brian's and Rick's arrival in Guadeloupe this April. I can honestly say that Aexis was at the top of his game in every aspect as a fly fishing guide. A true gentleman who is very patient with his clients, and most of all, a personable individual with a great sense of humor that will keep you laughing every minute. His ability to spot fish would make any osprey or eagle extremely jealous with envy! When you are fishing with Alexis, you are probably fishing with the best guide in the World!! My wife and I cannot wait to return to Guadeloupe next year! It's a long flight from Anchorage, Alaska, but it's worth every mile of the trip to Pointe a Pitre, Guadloupe to fish with Alexis Ducros, experience the sights, and enjoy the great food. I would highly recommend staying in the town of Sainte Francois. Great places to eat and very clean. You will be amazed at how wonderful it is. Just one thing, don't plan on going out to eat dinner before 7:00 PM and figure on at least a couple of hours for dinner. The temperatures are very pleasant, in the 80's, but beware of sunburn! Take plenty of sun screen and cover your hands and face as much as possible.