Saturday, February 27, 2010


In Issue #3 we offered a free trip to Estancia del Zorro in Coyhaique Alto, Chile. The winner was Kevin Singh Dhillon from New Zealand. Quite some time passed and several e-mails were exchanged. Then last week, while I was fishing Zorro Spring Creek, I actually had the pleasure to meet our winner face to face. Well, not exactly face to face, because Kevin in 6 foot 6!! Kevin took to the fishing in Chile with wild enthusiasm. He fished a lake with selective 15 pound rainbows, snuck up on risers in the spring creek, waded the freestone rivers and entertained all the guests with his daily adventures. He and his angling companion, Samantha, were going from Zorro to the Amazon in Brazil for peacock bass, then to Argentina for golden dorado. We will get a report soon. The funny thing is, Kevin actually e-mailed many websites and blogs to ask if the prize was for real or if it was a scam!!!

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Kevin said...

Haha. Classic mate, I certainly did have a lot of fun. What a trip it has been, will do a short report and fire it your way soon. Thanks heaps agian Brian for the oppurtunity of a life time. Cheers Kevin.