Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ruben van Leeuwen Age: 14 months Country: The Netherlands

WOW!! Over 1,300 coloring contest downloads. Thanks to everyone who put color to paper and to Julie DonTigny who designed the coloring template.
We can't, and nobody can, judge these amazing works of art. Everyone is priceless and a first place winner. On behalf of all the entries in the coloring contest, Catch Magazine is making a donation to the Frenchglen School (12 students), one of the most remote schools in Oregon. If anyone who sent us a jpeg drawing would like a cool Catch Magazine sticker, just send us a self addressed, stamped envelope and we will pop one in the mail to you. Thanks again, we were, and still are, incredibly impressed with the beautiful artwork.

Rob Keyes Country: United States

Reese Uyetanaka Age: 5

Matilde Lovison Age: 4 Country: Italy

Louis-Émile Age: 5 Country: Canada

Lincoln Keilen Age: 3

Payton Howsden Age: 7 Country: United States

Adrianna Sale Age: 4

Camilla Lovison Age: 7 Country: Italy

Bella Fetterman Age: 5

Alley Uyetanaka Age: 3

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